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Engine Tuning

MBP Tuning specialise in petrol and diesel vehicle remapping to provide a better performance, driveability and fuel economy on petrol and turbo diesel vehicles.

Our full customised tuning files for petrol and diesel vehicles, with over 5000 vehicles covered and new vehicles files being added all the time. Will provide you with more power [BHP] and higher torque. Your vehicle will be more responsive with improved driveability.

tuning and remapping


What does it all mean?

Well the power and fuel economy of your car can be altered, enhanced or boosted in about one hour by altering the settings on the engine control unit [ECU]. The vehicle engine control unit [ECU] or as some people refer to this as the brains of the car, which controls how the engine works. The manufacturers default settings [i.e. map] are not necessarily the best they could be as they are forced to consider different laws and regulations, to match the different countries where the cars are being sold, to abide by emissions standards, the climates and fuel quality etc.

Car manufacturers are also known to limit the cars performance of their cars through the [ECU] so they can release faster models at a later date, with just a few software changes in the cars ECU.

MBP Tunings goal is to apply our knowledge with accuracy and success to gain the perfect linear power delivery increase curve and fuel economy improvements. While retaining all the safety parameters to protect your vehicle engine and drive train. All our custom map files are dyno tested and are tailored to your vehicle.
We provide: –

  • Performance power
  • 50/50 mix power economy blend
  • Full economy – ECO friendly

We can also cover all levels of your cars tune stages from one to three.

Our maps files have a 30 days money back warranty to have your car put back to its original form [Map] if you are not happy with the tune file. We also provide a 12 months’ additional warranty on the cars map file as well for additional peace of mind.

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