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Carbon Cleaning

Why might you need your engine carbon cleaned?

First let’s look at the reasons an engine might need to be cleared of carbon deposit at all.

Petrol and diesel produce power by burning fuel and this creates sooty exhaust gases. Emission control devices such as catalyst and diesel particulate filters keep the amount of soot which reaches the atmosphere to a minimum, but there is still some which deposit on components inside the engine and exhaust system, Which can have performance degradation on the vehicle this effect can be felt in different ways.

However, many modern engines use gasoline direct injection to improve efficiency where petrol is squirted directly into the combustion chamber and doesn’t get passed over as many parts. This means some G.D.I engines have a reputation for becoming clogged.

carbon cleaning port injection engine
carbon cleaning direct injection engine

Diesel engine cars are even more affected, as the fuel itself doesn’t burn as cleanly. The exhaust gases are often fed back into the combustion chamber to be burned again and this movement of sooty fumes result in a build op of carbon deposits over time. Once the fumes are finally expelled from the engine they still have to pass through a particulate filter and the catalyst. These too can also become clogged with carbon deposit. 

What is carbon cleaning and how can it help?

Carbon cleaning is an effective way of removing carbon deposits in the internals of the

  • E.G.R

Our Carbon Kings G7  carbon machine uses a specially formulated KOH MIX that is designed to create most purest hydrogen possible. 

carbon cleaning carbon king G7
carbon cleaning explained

Why is hydrogen so effective at cleaning my engine?

Hydrogen is highly flammable much more so then petrol and diesel so when your engine ignites the hydrogen the explosion ignites the fuel with much better results [cleaner- less waste and fewer emissions] then it would otherwise have done.

The hydrogen burns at a higher rate then fuel.

When driving at high speeds on a motorway your engine will reach very high temperatures.

What we have created is a way to simulate motorway speed driving while the car is at idle on your driveway.

The hydrogen is burning faster along with fuel, the engine will reach its optimal temperature at idle. While this cycle is in process the hydrogen is stripping the walls of the engine and parts. This is a very safe way and will not overheat the engine or damage anything along the way. The hydrogens higher temperature burn rate and that explosive force splits and cleans the carbon atom [SOOT] that collects in the engine. With a cleaner engine you will get better milage, a quitter engine, better fuel economy, better throttle response and also recovery of lost BHP over the years

Carbon cleaning is a preventive service and whilst we recommend a carbon clean along side your annual service plan. We also recommend for it be completed when and where possible. The build up of carbon is the result of a lot of engine and turbo failures. This is the main cause of breakdowns.


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