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Dyno Tested ReMap

15 - 40% Extra Power

8 - 15% Improved MPG

Tuning Maps £239.95 For All Our Maps
Red Performance / Blue Mixed 50/50 Blend / Economy Green

Engine Carbon Cleaning Services
1/2 Hr E.C.C Service £59.95 / 1 Hr E.C.C Service £99.95

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

12 Mth ECU Software Warranty

ReMapping 7 Days A Week

mbp tuning and carbon cleaning specialists
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30-Day Money Back Guarantee
IMI Certified Technicians

Great customer service and and well worth the money. My car is a Volkswagen Golf GTI. Before the map 245bhp, and after the map around 300bhp. My car pulls and sounds like a totally different car!

Mark R.

Brillant service, very polite and professional. Absolutely transformed my Mercedes V6. I would recommend to friends and family. Keep up the great work.

Richard A.

I’ve gained around 69bhp more, and a 100 nm torque more. Figures quoted are true. Many thanks MBP Tuning. You put my mind at res.

Jacob B.

Our Services


ECU remapping involves reading the vehicle’s standard calibration map, and then adjusting various parameters such as fuel pressure, boost pressure (on turbocharged applications), ignition advance, and throttle pedal control – amongst others – to release the true performance of the engine.
When developing a new vehicle the manufacturer has to make a compromise on the state of tune to account for all driving conditions and regions. We take this initial mapping and alter the ECU software to safely gain power and torque, giving improved driveability and, in the case of diesel engines, enhanced economy.


MBP Tuning has an effective response and solution for your carbon deposits that build up on EGR systems, DPF, Intake system, Spark plugs, Inlet valves ,Turbo’s and the Exhaust system. Our Carbon King G7 machine with Its hydrogen Cristal mix is very eco friendly and is very effective in remove upto 80% of the carbon buildup on your vehicle.
This results in a quiter and smoother running engine With lower engine temperatures, improved throttle response and fuel economy, and can also lengthen engine life and also by reducing oil contamination.


Our ECONOMY REMAPPING works by improving the efficiency and power of the engine so that it doesn’t have to work as hard, in any given situation. Reduced throttle load and the ability to be in higher gears sooner and for longer results in marked fuel efficiency gains.
Customers will see FUEL IMPROVEMENTS of typically 8-10% on most diesel vehicles, often more when opting for our MBP Green remap. Great for fleets too where the savings really count.


Chip Tuning is simply remapping by another name, but involves the physical removal of the program chip from the main ECU in the vehicle and either re-programming or replacement with a new chip modified with a MBP remap. Technology developments mean that Chip Tuning is rarer now, but is still the only way to programme certain vehicles. Nowadays most remaps are carried out via the diagnostic OBD2 Socket, or direct into the ECU using special adaptors on the bench.


Three phrases that essentially mean the same thing are used within the vehicle remapping industry: “Chip Tuning”, “ECU Remapping”, and “OBD Tuning”. They all relate to the process of altering the parameters within a vehicle’s ECU to gain performance. “OBD Tuning” refers to the use of the vehicle’s diagnostic port to access the ECU code, rather than physically removing the control unit. Modification via OBD is the most common form of chip tuning.


Our performance remap software is developed to work on a standard vehicle maintaining manufacturer levels of reliability and original service intervals. Our MBP Red calibration is specially designed for high power & ultimate performance.
Designed to fully unleash the full potential of your engine, MBP Red can be installed on both petrol and diesel vehicles – enjoy the ride!


MBP Red Service

High Power & Ultimate Performance

Designed to fully unleash the full potential of your engine.

MBP Tuning Green Service

MBP Green Service

Good Power & Maximum Economy

Designed to return an improved economy in turbo diesel engines.

MBP Blue Service

Good Power & Maximum Economy

Designed to de-restrict the engine and open up the true torque and power range.

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